The Divided Quantum

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Everett's Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics recapitulates Leary-Wilson's

seventh "meta-programming" circuit. Bohm's "implicate order" (and more technically his

"quantum potential") recapitulates Leary-Wilson's eighth "non-local quantum" circuit.

There is no analog in Leary-Wilson's scheme for Bohm's "super-implicate order."

Welcome. Anyone interested in the Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness will find interesting ideas here, as well as anyone interested in humanity and its destiny (which includes A.I.). So will those with a mystical bent, as well as with a scientific one (especially regarding quantum mechanics). The noosphere is a subject of terrific import to the author. I have shared views on it in multiple lights, and hope they at least make some sense to somebody. There are indeed a wide variety of subjects addressed here, as you can see below. The website is categorized by subject, with a page for new additions (which are presented in no particular order), as well as pages for quotations and older archived material. All in all, anyone interested in philosophical thinking in general should, with a little patience to look through the material for what might strike their fancy, find this website a useful one. My email is provided below. Please enjoy. And remember: the quantum, after all, is divisible....



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